Detailed Review Of The DeWalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw

DeWalt D24000Whether you’re a seasoned tile professional installing a natural stone tile floor or you’re a homeowner looking to install a new glass tile backsplash, the DeWalt D24000 1.5-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw is a serious piece of equipment that’s a must have. Because cutting tile is so different from cutting other materials with a saw, a wet saw is needed to prevent tile breaks and lessen the risk of flying debris when making a cut.

A wet tile saw employs a diamond edged carbide blade; similar to a blade on an angle grinder, with the exception that it’s always wet. Water is either picked up by the spinning blade or applied directly to the blade using a water pump. This ensures flying debris are controlled and creates a smooth cut. Cutting tile is tough work and you’ll need a good wet tile saw to get the job done effectively, efficiently and safely. And that’s where the DeWalt D24000 comes to the rescue. From ripping tiles to making difficult diagonal cuts, this wet tile saw has plenty of power and precision to cut even the hardest of tiles and stone. While this DeWalt tile saw has plenty of features that set it apart from the competition, let’s take a look and see what makes a wet tile saw worth owning.

What Features Are Important In A Wet Tile Saw?

Not all wet tile saws are the same. The market is full of small and cheap tile saws that are not up to the challenge of cutting thicker, wider and tougher materials. In order for a tile saw to deserve my investment, it has to excel in many different areas. The following list of features is what I look for in any good wet tile saw. Lets see how the DeWalt D24000 stacks up:

  • Powerful Motor
  • Plunge Cutting Capability
  • Stainless Steel Rails
  • Adjustable Water Placement
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Warranty

D24000 Features At A Glance

  D24000 Wet Tile Saw
Amps 15
Blade Diameter 10″
Max Rip Capacity 24″
Diagonal Cut Capacity 18″
Plunge Feature Yes
Max Depth of Cut 3-1/8″
Integrated 45° Miter Yes
Integrated 22.5° Miter Yes
Length 34″
Width, Housing Only 26″
Edge Guide 45/90°
Pan Material ABS Plastic
Stand Included in D24000S
Removable Water Containment Tray Yes
Position of Rail System Integrated
Horsepower 1.5 Continuous DutyHP
Tool Weight 69lbs Buy Now

DeWalt D24000 In ActionPowerful Motor For Quick And Smooth Cutting

When you’re cutting tiles and the motor bogs down, you can bet that the edge of the cut is going to be rough and sharp. To prevent rough tile cuts, it often means you’ve got to push the tile through the blade very slowly to achieve a fine cut. Nobody wants to slow down production and that’s why I like this wet tile saw—it has a powerful 1.5 horsepower motor that allows you to cut through tough materials like porcelain and stone as if it was a hot knife through butter.

Plunge Cutting Beats Drilling

How do you cut a hole in tile? Back before plunge cut wet tile saws came onto the market, you’d have to use a drill and carefully remove the inside of the tile to accommodate heating registers, outlets or plumbing pipes. With the DeWalt D24000, there is no need to break out the drill and make holes. Simply use the plunge cut feature and cut out the center of tiles for whatever you need. And with a generous 3/8-inch cutting depth, even large pavers and V-cap tiles are a breeze to plunge cut.

Stainless Steel Railing For Smooth Action

One of the worst tile saws I ever used had a rail system that wasn’t made from stainless steel. Once it got wet the first time, the rail system started to corrode and it became very difficult to push the tiles through the blade. No need to worry about rusting rails with the DeWalt D24000 wet tile saw. Strong stainless steel railing keeps the guide accurate no matter what abuse the saw takes. It also has a cantilever design on the cart that allows the user to make diagonal cuts up to 18-inches and rip cuts up to 24-inches, so you’ll be able to cut larger tile just as easily as you’ll be able to cut the small ones.

DeWalt D24000 In ActionAdjustable Water Nozzles Keeps It Wet Where You Need It Most

A wet tile saw is as its name implies—the blade is supposed to be wet through the entire cut. But when you’ve got water spraying all over the saw, tile and yourself, it can make cutting unbearable and dangerous. That’s why I really like this tile saw. It has two adjustable water nozzles that allow you to keep water where you need it most—on the blade and not all over your face.

Lightweight For Easy Setup

I’ve worked with many tile saws that were just too heavy and bulky to take into the room where tile was going to be installed. That meant a lot of walking back and forth to the saw. This DeWalt tile saw weighs in at just 69 pounds, so it’s lightweight enough to carry around from room to room. The compact frame measures in at 34 x 26 inches, so it will fit through small doors and tight openings with ease. Plus with the removable cutting cart, it makes it easy to dissemble, set up and store.

Excellent Warranty = Excellent Tools

One of the main reasons I like DeWalt tools so much is that they have a great warranty. Being so well built, it’s not often they break down, but if they do I know the saw is going to be repaired or replaced without costing me a fortune in the process. It comes with a three year limited warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee and a free one year service contract on maintenance and repairs, so even if the saw experiences problems, DeWalt has got you covered.

How Much Does It Cost And Where Can I Get One?

Tile saws can be costly, but with the right choice, it’s a tool that’s going to be around for a lifetime. That’s why I like to buy all of my power tools from Amazon. They not only have great deals on great tools, but they also have a fantastic return policy and infallible customer service that’s impossible to get from retail power tool stores. You can buy the DeWalt D24000 wet tile saw in the $720 range, and it comes with free shipping.

What Comes In The Box?

You’ll get the wet tile saw, a 5 gallon water pan and table with a rubber top—everything you need to start cutting tile.

Are There Any Complaints?

There really aren’t a lot of complaints about this DeWalt saw. The only real problems that I’ve heard are that the fastening hands on the ABS 5 gallon water tray can be broken off if the tool is roughly handled.

What Are Owners Saying About Their D24000?

What I really like about Amazon is that they have honest reviews from owners of the product. That allows you to “see for yourself” just how good the tool is before you buy it. Here are what a few owners had to say about their DeWalt D24000:

  • “I have had this tile saw now almost for 2 months and I’m very pleased with it. This is exactly what the doctor ordered for my business. I do bath and kitchen remodeling and when it comes to tiling, this tile saw has changed the ball game drastically. Nowadays I jokingly call the more traditional tile saws as ‘dinosaws’.”
  • “Having done tile work for years using mostly MK brand tile saws, when this saw came on the market its benefits were obvious… Compared to this wet saw, every other model near this price point is an old-design.”
    -Victor H. Agresti
  • “I have used this saw to do (3) remodeling projects and have cut granite, porcelain tiles and stacked quartz stone. The saw handled all of them with ease and has been a great addition to my work force.”
    -Evan Banul
  • “I do stone artwork professionally and I was looking for a saw that could handle anything from fieldstones to slab granite. This saw fits the bill. I was skeptical about the sliding table at first – but now I love it. I’ve had no trouble with it binding up on the small pieces of rock that come off as I cut (which I anticipated might be an issue). And the locking feature, which I pretty much only use when I’m plunge cutting, is great. The motor is plenty strong enough to not bog down while slicing through the deepest fieldstone the saw can handle.”
    -Darci Thabes

DeWalt D24000Where Can You Buy The DeWalt D24000?

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this exceptional wet tile saw.

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

The DeWalt D24000 1.5-horsepower 10-inch wet tile saw received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with over 60 five star reviews on Amazon. It is truly one of the best tile saws in its class. Click here to learn more about the DeWalt D24000 wet tile saw

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