Detailed Review Of The DeWalt D28402K Small-Angle Grinder

D28402KWhether I’m scaling rusty red iron for a weld or I’m cutting the bumper off of a car, an angle grinder is the tool I like to have close at hand. Because of its unique right angle disc design, it’s able to perform a wide variety of functions simply by changing out the disc. A large number of discs can be used ranging from hard diamond cutting discs to soft and smooth polishing pads, so it’s versatile enough for me to merit keeping one in my work truck at all times.

That’s why I like the DeWalt D28402K 4-1/2-Inch Small-Angle Grinder—because it’s a small grinder with lots of useful functions. It’s lightweight, yet packs a powerful motor for efficient material removal. A two position side handle helps to keep the blade exactly where you need it during operation, and a keyless adjustable guard keeps you safe—without getting in the way of the cut.

D28402K Features

Lightweight, powerful motor, and an ergonomic handle are just a few of the features I find important in a good angle grinder. The following list of features is what makes the DeWalt D28402K so useful to have.

  • Superior Motor
  • Dust Ejection System
  • One Piece Brush Armature
  • Low Profile Design
  • Removable Handle
  • Quick Changing Capabilities
  • Excellent Warranty
Amps 10
Max Watts Out 1,200W
Max Horsepower 1.6HP
No Load Speed 11,000rpm
Use Wheels rpm Above 11,000rpm
Spindle Thread 5/8″-11
Switch Type Paddle w/ lock-on
Dust Ejection System™ Yes
Tool-Free Flange System Yes
Tool Weight 4.6lbs Buy Now

More RPM’s Translate Into Faster Work Times

Lightweight, yet aggressive, the DeWalt D28402K angle grinder has plenty of RPM’s to spin the wheel faster, remove more material and get the work done on time. A 1.6-horsepower, 10 amp motor brings 11,000 rpm’s to the disc. And with a jam-pot style gear case, it keeps the gears running smooth and consistent no matter what materials your grinder is working on.

d28402kDust Ejection Keeps It In Good Shape For Years to Come

One of the messier jobs I’ve done with my grinder is cutting into concrete. The air quickly gets filled with thick, dusty smog and if you’re not wearing a respirator, you’re not going to last long. But imagine how an angle grinder must feel, “breathing” the dust into the air intake of the motor. Dust can easily damage the motor and brushings of any power tool just as easily as it can a person. This grinder doesn’t worry about a thing because it features the patented DeWalt Dust Ejection System that gets rid of the dust as soon as it enters the tool, which in turn prolongs the life of the motor.

One Piece Brush Arm Prevents Debris Hang-ups

Sometimes it’s not just dust you have to worry about. Larger materials and debris can get hung up inside the grinder too. The DeWalt D28402K features a one piece brush arm to prevent hang ups that can cause damages to you, your project and the motor. And when your brushes have been damaged or need to be replaced, the tool will shut down thanks to its auto-off brushes feature. This is a very important feature as it saves your motor and transmission in the process.

dewalt-d28402kLow Profile Means You Can Use It In Tight Spaces

Many angle grinders that I’ve used in the past have been too bulky and large for smaller tasks that require a slimmer profile. That’s where the DeWalt D28402K 4-1/2-inch small-angle grinder excels. It sports a low profile gear case that makes the width of the tool small enough to fit into most tight spaces with ease.

Left or Right Handed Feature Makes It Versatile

It takes two hands to operate an angle grinder efficiently. That’s why most angle grinders have a large “motorcycle grip” on the side of the tool—for extra stability. But when it’s on the left side of the tool and your cut is on the left side as well, you really don’t have much of an option besides turning the tool upside down or sideways. That is why there is a removable handle that can be used on either side of the grinder.

DeWalt D28402K Small-Angle GrinderKeyless Chuck for Quick Changes Of Grinding Tools

Changing between discs can be a chore with some grinders. Not with the D28402K small-angle grinder. Its huge spindle button and quick change disc release makes changing the disc a tool-free job. This operation takes seconds, a huge time saver considering the minutes it takes to change the disc of older conventionally designed grinders. It even features a tool-free adjustable guard so you can easily and safely adjust the tool.

Top of the Line DeWalt Warranty

Just like all of DeWalt’s great power tools, this grinder comes with a great warranty. It has a 90 day money back guarantee, a three year limited warranty, and a one year free service contract so you know that you’re going to get a quality grinder that will last for years to come.

My Take on the DeWalt D28402K Small-Angle Grinder

It’s a small tool that really packs a punch. I think it’s one of the best grinders you can buy in this price range. It definitely works hard without overheating or breaking down. My favorite part about this tool is that the power switch placement is conveniently located right where you’re grabbing, so you don’t have to awkwardly place your trigger finger when gripping the tool.

What Comes In The Box and How Much Does It Cost?

For less than $90 on Amazon, the DeWalt D28402K grinder kit comes with quite a few accessories. You’ll get the grinder, the two position handle, a depressed center wheel, keyless adjustable guard, wrench, and a hard plastic box to store it all in.

What are Other Owners Of The DeWalt D28402K Saying?

Before I buy any power tool, I like to read reviews from owners. That’s why I really like shopping for all my tools on Amazon. They have a great review section that can give you a preview of the tool to see how good (or horrible) people think the tool is. Some of the worst things owners have said about the DeWalt D28402K small-angle grinder is that the box is too small. Take a look at what other owners had to say:

  • “It is very comfortable in your hand and light. And the power… OH WOW! I sharpened my lawn mower blade in just a few minutes. I can’t believe that I had sharped them by hand before.”
    -Amanda M. McClure
  • “Great grinder for cutting anything. I have used this for ceramic tile, nails, and brick. Go with DeWalt.”
    -Pluma de libro
  • “This is a must have, fun to use tool. It grinds cuts, sands, etc. In the first week, I used a sanding flap wheel to quickly strip the paint off my car, used a cutting wheel to cut a steel pole quickly in two, and a grinding wheel to sharpen some tools. The only con I can think of is that I wish the case was larger to hold more accessories!”
  • “Not too big or heavy for a woman to use (which I am). I’ve used it for many applications. I love DeWalt.”
    -Shelly Henderson
  • “This is an excellent tool; not just a grinder but a cutting tool as well. It is easy to use, comfortable to hold, and quite powerful. The favorite tool in my toolbox!”
    -Sherlock Holmes ‘Jaycee’

DeWalt D28402K GrinderWhere Can You Buy The DeWalt D28402K?

You can pick it up at any tool retailer or hardware store for around $100 or more. That’s why I prefer to shop at Amazon for my power tools. For under $90, you can get this tool shipped to your home for free. And because Amazon has phenomenal customer service, a great return policy and quick delivery, you’ll be happy with your order from the moment it arrives.

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

The DeWalt D28402K 4-1/2-inch small-angle grinder kit received 4.8 stars out of 5 on with over 100 owners giving it a five star rating. Click here to learn more about the DeWalt D28402K small-angle grinder

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