Detailed Review Of The DeWalt DC618K XRP 18-Volt Finish Nailer Kit

DC618K in actionA finish nailer is one of the most versatile nailing tools available. It’s ideal for carpenters and cabinet makers as well as the weekend DIY warrior. Whether you need to install baseboard, crown molding, shoe molding, door casings or chair rail, a good finish nail gun is essential to speedy production, efficient fastening and quality work. But when you’ve got an air compressor attached to the end of a cumbersome hose, it can make your job constricting and constraining to say the least.

That’s where cordless nail guns come in handy. And let me tell you, the DeWalt DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer is extremely handy. Forget the air hose and compressor—all you need is a box full of nails and a fully-charged battery for continuous nailing wherever you go. Let’s take a look at the DeWalt DC618K and see why this cordless finish nailer kit is one of the best buys on the market.

What Makes For A Good Cordless Finish Nailer?

One of the most important questions when selecting a cordless finish nail gun is how long the battery will last under constant use. It not only slows down production times to constantly recharge failing batteries, but it also increases the fatigue on you—and if you’ve ever done any trim work, you can easily see how swapping battery packs around all day will wear you down. Lets look at how the DeWalt DC618K fares in battery life, as well as other important areas.

  • Battery Lifespan
  • Comfortable Design
  • Large Nail Capacity
  • Duel Operating Modes
  • Dial-in Depth Gauge
  • Safety Settings
  • Good Warranty

DC618K in actionPowerful Batteries Last Through the Entire Job

Nothing is worse than when you’re in the middle of a project and the batteries run out. And if you don’t have a replacement battery (which often aren’t included with many tools) you’re going to spend an hour or more just recharging the battery pack. That’s not a problem with the XRP 18V cordless finish nailer from DeWalt. It uses the XRP battery pack system that not only provides an extended run time (up to 40% more than conventional 18V batteries), but it also means it’s interchangeable with other DeWalt 18V tools. This allows you to expand your power tools as the demands of your job grow.

Comfortable Design Features Mean You Won’t Get Worn Out

The DeWalt DC618K finish nailer is ergonomically designed with proper weight distribution of the engine so you’re not fumbling with an awkwardly balanced device. A 20-degree angled magazine makes sure that you won’t have to turn the nail gun at a steep angle to get to the work. Weighing in at just 8.5 pounds, it’s lightweight enough not to wear you out from continual use and it’s small enough that it will fit into spaces other finish nail guns just won’t reach. And with a built-in LED light source, you can bet that you’ll have no problem seeing the action even in the smallest of enclosed spaces.

Large Nailing Capacity Ensures You’ll get More Work Done without Having to Do More

You can nail until your heart’s content, but if you don’t have a large capacity nail magazine, you’re going to need to keep replacing nail sticks. Loading and reloading can get to be a pain, and that’s why this DeWalt nail gun has a capacity of up to 120 nails. When you do run out of nails, a simple to use rear loading nail magazine makes the job quick and easy. And since a 20 degree angled nail is one of the most common nailing angles for finish nailers, you won’t have to worry about buying brand name nails—even Paslode nails work too.

DC618K XRP 18-Volt Finish NailerBump And Sequential Operating Modes Let You Be Both Productive And Precise

With the DeWalt DC618K finish nailer, you can simply flip a switch to alternate between sequential operation and bump mode. Set the gun to sequential mode and shot one nail at a time every time you pull the trigger for precise and accurate fastening. Flip the switch back to bump mode and hold the trigger down and bump the safety nozzle for super quick fastening.

Dial-In Depth Setting Allows You To Toggle Between Projects With Ease

Shooting nails through a different species of wood means you’re going to need to adjust the depth gauge to make sure that the nail self-sets—otherwise, you’re going to need to break out the nail punch. With a quick twist of the numbered dial, you can accurately adjust the depth setting without having to second guess your nail depth.

Safety Features Prevent Accidents

It’s no secret—a nail gun is a dangerous tool. And with a battery powered nail gun, the danger is increased if the trigger is accidently engaged. That’s why this DeWalt nail gun has several built-in safety features that are a must-have on any cordless nail gun. A lockable contact trip can be engaged on the gun so that when you’re storing it in your pouch, it doesn’t accidently fire. The tools design also features a finger lock switch on the nose guard to allow access to the firing chamber and pin. This makes it easy to get at jammed nails without the need for special tools or clumsy wrenches.

A Good Warranty Makes For A Good Tool

No matter what tools I’m looking to buy, I always choose DeWalt because of their fantastic warranties and customer service plans. And the DeWalt DC618K finish nail gun is no exception to this rule. It’s got a three year limited warranty that covers any defects or craftsmanship problems, as well as a two year free service contract where DeWalt will cover any maintenance and replace worn parts from every day wear and tear.

What’s In The Box?

The DeWalt DC618K XRP 18V cordless 1-1/4 inch – 2-1/2 inch 16 gauge 20 degree angled finish nailer comes complete with one 18-volt XRP battery pack, a one hour charger, reversible belt hook, mar-free plastic tip, hard plastic carrying case and safety glasses. The only thing you need to get are the nails!

How Much Does It Cost And where Can I Get One?

If you’re looking to buy this tool outright at a hardware store, you could end up paying over $500 for the kit. That’s why I prefer to shop at Amazon. You can get the tool there for $400—a substantial savings over the retail price. And with Amazons great customer service, you can rest assured in knowing that if something goes wrong with your order, you’ll get a replacement or money back without trouble.

What’s Everyone Saying About it?

The great thing about buying from Amazon is that you can read honest reviews from people who recently purchased the tool. The only real complaint I’ve seen is that it’s a little bit heavier than some cordless tools, but that’s only because the extended run time battery pack is a little bit bigger than other 18V models. Here’s what some owners of the DeWalt DC618K have to say about this great finish nailer:

  • “The ability of this gun to take the same 18v battery as my other cordless DeWalt tools is what really sold me on this. It has some great functions and performs like you would expect from this company.”
  • “I just moved into an 8 year old house with lots of “projects” that were never finished. This nailer kit has been a life saver and I absolutely love it. I love DeWalt products and I bought the 18 volt because I already had a drill, driver, and saw that takes the same battery… I’m stuck on DeWalt!”
    -G. Lane
  • “Probably one of the best DIY purchases I have ever made. So far I have used it for trim, crown molding, wainscot paneling, and some flower box repairs. It has proven to be reliable, and very adaptable for many situations.”
    -David Bickford
  • “This nail gun is everything that it is promoted as being. I used it for 6 hours yesterday putting up a bead board ceiling and I never had one nail jam. It’s quiet with no noisy compressor buzzing in the background that would aggravate you as well as everyone around you… I read that some people were complaining about the battery life but I can tell you that I used one battery all day.”
  • “Overall, great result for a first-time release. Absolutely SPANKS the Senco Air Free…”
    -M. Kellum

DC618KWhere Can You Buy The DeWalt DC618K?

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this exceptional nailer kit.

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the DeWalt DC618K?

The DeWalt DC618K XRP 18V cordless 1-1/4 inch – 2-1/2 inch 16 gauge 20 degree angled finish nailer kit was rated by 76 people giving it an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Click here to learn more about the DC618K

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