Detailed Review Of The DeWalt DW059K-2 Cordless Impact Wrench

DW059K 2Stuck bolts, rusted on nuts and impossible to turn lags are no match for the DeWalt DW059K-2 18-Volt NiCad 1/2-inch Cordless Impact Wrench. With one of these powerful tools, it’s hard to see any nut or bolt giving you troubles. But it’s not the materials that are the trouble makers—more often than not, it’s the tool itself. From heavy and bulky impact wrenches that can’t fit into those tight spaces, to the coiled and tangled air hoses that often come along with these powerful wrenches; they can be tough to handle.

Or at least they used to be. Today’s modern impact wrenches don’t sport the heavy design and in-the-way air hoses get tossed right out the door. Battery powered impact wrenches do the work of their bulky predecessors without all of the necessary extras. That’s where this DeWalt cordless impact wrench comes to the rescue. It’s lightweight, easy to handle and provides plenty of torque for loosening even the most stubborn stuck bolts.

Why Buy An Impact Wrench?

While all cordless impact wrenches are much more versatile than a pneumatic impact wrench, it doesn’t mean that they are all quality tools. However, if an impact wrench has the following features then you can be confident that it will perform at a high level for many years. Let’s see how the DW059K-2 fares in each area, as well as how it compares with the DC820KA.

  • Torque
  • Design
  • Lightweight
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Ergonomic Balance
  • DW059K-2 vs. DC820KA
  • Warranty

DW059K In Action 2Powerful Motor & Lots Of Torque

Whether you’re driving lag screws into a 2×12 for a deck or you’re loosening up rusting nuts from an old trailer tire, your impact wrench needs plenty of torque to get the job done. With the ability to deliver 1,650 rpm’s and 2,600 bpm to the wrench, it will provide up to 3,600 inch-pounds of torque to the application—even in reverse.

Excellent Design Prevents Future Damage

I’ve seen other not so well-made battery powered impact wrenches fall apart after just a few jobs. The screws get loose with all of the vibration and after time, cheaper impact wrenches will start to come apart if they aren’t continually maintained. Not with this DeWalt impact wrench! It has a solid magnesium gear case and an all metal transmission to ensure that even after you really put it to work; it’s not going to break apart from all of those internal impacts. And because the impact mechanism directs the torque to the fastener, it helps to prevent kickback that can not only damage the tool, but also your hands and wrists.

Lightweight Design Won’t Wear You Out

What I like about the DeWalt DW059K-2 is that it’s strong enough to get some serious work done, yet it’s lightweight enough not to wear you out prematurely. Weighing in at 7.55 pounds, it’s one of the lightest cordless impact tools in its class. It’s also only 10 3/4-inches long so it fits in all of those tight spaces that longer and wider impact tools just can’t get into.

DW059K In ActionMore Time Working And Less Time Charging The Battery

It’s really nice to not have to deal with a cumbersome air hose and loud compressor when you’re using an impact wrench. But when you’ve got to keep swapping out batteries and charging them, you might as well be using a pneumatic impact wrench. The DW059K-2 uses the XRP Ni-Cad extended runtime battery system which runs up to 40 percent longer than standard Ni-Cad battery packs. The kit includes two XRP battery packs and a one hour charger, so even when one battery runs low on power you will have another ready to go.

Ergonomic Balance Keeps The Fastener Where It Belongs

Any drill/driver or impact wrench can easily wear you out if it’s not balanced properly. The weight ratio between the gear case and the battery pack also needs to be balanced perfectly if you want the fastener to set properly on the tool. Nothing’s worse than stripping out nuts and bolt threads from a misplaced socket—and if you’re tool’s not well-balanced, it’s going to happen more often than not. That’s why I like the way the DeWalt DW059K-2 handles. Its ergonomic handle and perfect balance make it easy to use without wearing you down, or giving you a stiff wrist at the end of the day. The comfortable rubber grip also prevents slippage when you’re really working the tool hard.

DW059K-2 vs. DC820KA

There’s a big difference between these two powerhouse tools. The main difference is that the DeWalt DC820KA is much smaller and lighter than the DW059K-2. The DC820KA is a great tool, but compared to the DW059K-2, it’s not as powerful and only provides 1,740 inch-pounds of torque, whereas the DW059K-2 provides almost twice as much torque at 3,600 inch-pounds. Both tools use the XRP 18 volt battery, have a solid magnesium gear case and offer the same warranty. If you really need an impact wrench for heavy duty applications, then nothing beats the DW059K-2. If you don’t use an impact wrench that often, then the DC820KA might be the better choice for you.

  DW059K-2 DC820KA
Price Range $260 $185
Voltage 18V 18V
Drive Size 1/2″ 1/2″ Square Drive
Anvil Type Detent Pin Detent Pin
No Load Speed 1,650rpm 0-2,400rpm
Impacts/Min 2,600ipm 0-2,700ipm
Max Torque (in-lbs) 3,600 in-lbs 1,740 in-lbs
Max Torque (ft-lbs) 300 ft-lbs 145 ft-lbs
Tool Weight 7.55lbs 4.6lbs
Tool Length 10 3/4″ 5 3/4″
Battery NiCad NiCad Buy Now Buy Now

Great Warranty For A Great Impact Wrench

What tool company would want to offer a solid warranty, only to have their tools constantly break and need replacement? It wouldn’t be long before they went out of business. That’s why I prefer to use DeWalt tools over other brands. They have an exceptional warranty on all of their tools. Featuring a three year limited warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee and a free one year service contract, you’ll be sure to get a good tool that’s designed to last for years to come.

How Much Does It Cost?

I really like to buy all of my power tools on Amazon. They have some of the best deals on DeWalt tools—even better than most in-store retailers. The DeWalt DW059K-2 impact wrench kit is in the $260 range on Amazon—not a bad deal especially when you consider that you get free shipping with this tool.

What’s In The Box?

With the DeWalt DW059K-2 18-volt NiCad 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench kit, you’ll get the impact wrench, two 18-volt XRP batteries, a one hour charger, and a hard plastic kit box to protect and transport all of it.

Are There Any Complaints?

As with any power tool, there are a few things to be aware of. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t have a braking system. That means if you’re spinning off nuts really fast, they can fly out of the tool if you’re not careful.

What Are Owners Saying?

Here are just a few things that owners are saying about this cordless impact wrench:

  • “This is the third cordless impact wrench I own, and is definitely the strongest!”
    -Rodney A. Schmidt
  • “This is an excellent tool. It’s high quality and has a lot of power. It can take off lug nuts without any effort.”
    -John Ciancarelli
  • “If you are looking for a cordless impact that will do the job this is definitely the one to buy. Plenty of staying power and the battery recharge is quick. If you want to tighten up stove bolts I have a Makita and a Milwaukee I’ll sell you but if you want to have something with enough power to do something buy this one.”
    -Jerome Frasch
  • “Used the DW059K cordless impact for rotating tires on a vehicle, changed brackets on a farm tractor and screwed lag bolts on a garage door; still have not recharged the battery. Very flexible power tool sure beats starting up the air compressor or plugging in a corded impact wrench. Highly recommend this product and as with all the DeWalt tools that I have purchased the high quality is top notch. This cordless impact will last a long time.”
  • “Before I purchased this Impact Wrench I was skeptical about cordless/ electric impact wrenches, I did not think they could be as good as pneumatic impact wrenches at removing lug nuts. After reading the reviews and the return policy, I bought this one; got it home and it more than amazed me.”

DW059K 1Where Can You Buy The DeWalt DW059K-2?

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this exceptional cordless impact wrench.

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

Amazon reviewers have given this tool 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 60 reviewers rating this great impact wrench with five stars. Click here to learn more about the DeWalt DW059K-2 impact wrench

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