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dewalt-dw130v-drillThe DeWalt DW130V 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill with Spade Handle is a high-torque power drill ideal for tough tasks that typically burn out the motors of smaller battery-powered drills. Do you need a drill capable of mixing liquid concrete? What about a drill that can cut a hole through steel without breaking a sweat? This is a drill that has no problem completing those tasks and many, many more.

The primary feature of this drill is the amazing 9 amp, 120 volt motor that simply refuses to quit. The motor makes it possible to mix extremely viscous liquids with ease — and with adjustable side and spade handles, you’re going to have no trouble keeping a firm grip when drilling at any angle.

What Makes a Drill Good?

When buying a power drill, the most important aspect to consider is whether the drill’s speed and torque match the requirements of the job. If you’re using a drill to drive screws through something soft such as wood, you can use a high-speed drill with low torque. A high-torque drill such as the DW130V works well for drilling through materials such as metal or for mixing concrete.

If you already own the drill bits that you’d like to use, you’ll need to purchase a drill with a matching chuck. The DW130V has a locking chuck that accepts 1/2″ drill bits. Because the chuck requires a key to release drill bits, changing bits can be a little slower than with some other drills. However, the locking chuck is ideal for high-torque tasks.

Safety Features

With any power drill, a secure grip is the most important safety feature. Depending on the task you’re performing, you may need to drill in a variety of different directions. If you can’t hold the drill securely, the torque could actually cause it to wiggle out of your hand. The DeWalt DW130V drill has a pistol grip, a spade grip and a side grip. You can even adjust the side and spade grips to suit your preferences. You’ll have no trouble holding this drill with two hands while drilling in any direction.

The light weight of this drill — 7.5 pounds — is also a safety feature because it means that you’ll be able to work longer before fatigue sets in. The manageable weight and strong, soft grips help to ensure that you won’t lose control of the drill if you encounter a sudden change in resistance.


Because the DeWalt DW130V is a low-speed, high-torque drill, mixing is its ideal application. This is a drill that has no problem mixing mortar, concrete, mud, thinset, paint and drywall. You can vary the speed of the motor — or even reverse the motor — to ensure that every mixture is completely free of air bubbles. It’s also great for conventional drilling tasks. You can use it to drill through solid wood up to 5″ thick or steel up to 3″ thick.


Like other DeWalt power tools, the DW130V includes a comprehensive warranty and generous return policy. You can buy it and put it through the ringer knowing that if it isn’t the perfect tool for the job, DeWalt will happily take it back within 90 days. Also, this drill has a comprehensive warranty that includes one year of free service and a three year guarantee against defects in manufacturing.


The suggested retail price of the DeWalt DW130V is $179. We searched online to find the best price on this drill, and we found that there isn’t a lot of variation from one merchant to the next. We suggest buying from because we have great confidence in Amazon’s customer service policies. Because the DW130V costs more than $49, it ships free within the United States. If you don’t like it, you can return it to Amazon within 30 days.

What’s Better?

At the time of writing, the DW130V is the flagship model in DeWalt’s lineup of handheld drills. DeWalt does make handheld drills for specialty tasks, though, such as right angle drilling or drilling studs and joists. If you need a highly configurable drill suitable for a wide range of jobs, though, there’s nothing better than the DW130V.

What’s Cheaper?

If you want to spend a bit less and don’t require a drill suitable for high-torque tasks, you can save a bit of money by buying the DeWalt DCD771C2 ($129.00 at the time of writing) instead. The DCD771C2 runs on battery power and includes two 20 volt batteries. Like the DW130V, it accepts 1/2″ bits. However, it has a much higher rotational speed and much lower torque. For some tasks — such as mixing concrete — the DCD771C2 won’t work.

dewalt-dw130v-drillMy Take on the DeWalt DW130V Drill with Spade Handle

The most important feature of the DeWalt DW130V is its ability to handle extremely heavy work — day after day — for years. I’ve seen reports of people using a single high-torque DeWalt drill to mix literally thousands of buckets of concrete. The motor in this drill is incredibly durable. Since it’s a low-RPM motor, it doesn’t require a great deal of ventilation. It’s very resistant to overheating.

This is an excellent drill for cutting, too. If you need to cut a hole through thick hardwood or steel, you can do it without a problem.

Any Complaints?

If the DeWalt DW130V has a drawback, it’s that you may need to buy an additional drill if you need a drill capable of high-speed operation. If you’re installing molding or repairing furniture, for example, you’ll want a high-speed drill. A high-speed drill can sink screws much more quickly and is less likely to mar soft woods. Overall, though, customer complaints about this drill are extremely rare. If you need a high-torque drill for mixing or cutting — and you don’t want to worry about buying another one for many years — this is definitely the drill for you.

What Are Other Owners Saying?

One of the best things about buying tools on Amazon is that they not only have great deals but they also have great reviews from real people who recently bought the item. Here’s what a few owners had to say about the DeWalt DW130V drill:

  • “After numerous small masonry jobs in which I was mixing in a wheelbarrow, I decided to buy a mixing drill. I could not be happier with this drill. Plenty of power to mix both mortar mix and pre-mix concrete in buckets, where you just add water. Saves so much time and much easier on the shoulders. Highly recommended from a mason that does small projects for friends and family.”
    – TheTruth
  • “I have had this drill for a year and love it. I use it for mixing mortar and drilling large holes where a lot of torque is needed. Do NOT buy this drill for making small holes. The drill speed is a very slow 550 rpm’s. You will need a much faster drill for most drilling. Works great!
    – Bobby Stanley
  • “This drill is a heavy duty model designed for applications that are too tough for battery operated models and most other corded drills. I have used mine for drilling into railroad ties, landscape timbers and support posts while building retaining walls, decks and patios. I have also used it for auguring 3″x12″ holes for planting bulbs in my flower beds. It has never once overheated or failed to perform, and the price offered by this vendor made it an outstanding value”
    – Copper

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Considering their low price and free shipping option, is the best place to buy this exceptional cordless impact wrench.

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