Detailed Review Of The DeWalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw

DW713From woodworking shops to job sites to garage shops, you can bet that a compound miter saw is close at hand. That’s because it’s such a versatile cutting tool. By being able to move both the base and neck of the saw, you can cut compound miters for all sorts of projects ranging from intricate crown molding to simple wooden decks. A compound miter saw is one of the most useful and important tools to have—and the DeWalt DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw is one of the best on the market. What’s really great about this compound miter saw is that it is both extremely capable, and also lightweight; so it’s easy to take from the work truck to the job site without any backache.

What Makes A Compound Miter Saw Great?

Let’s take a detailed look at the features which make for a great compound miter saw, and why the DW713 is one of the best in its class. I find the following list of features to be the most important when considering a compound miter saw:

  • Powerful Motor
  • Precise Indent Plate
  • Sliding Safety Fence
  • Weight
  • Extra Features
  • Warranty

DW713 In ActionPowerful Motor Translates Into Smoother Cuts

With a powerful 15-amp motor, it has plenty of power in a compact design. It delivers a no-load speed of 5,000 rpm’s ensuring smooth cuts and accurate bevels. Whether you’re cutting small pieces of shoe molding or you’re cutting through cedar 2×6 decking board, the DW713 is going to do the job and have plenty of power to spare.

Precise And Smooth Indent Plate Means Accurate Angles Every Time

Unless you can easily move the indent plate back and forth, you’ll never be able to make accurate and consistent cuts and bevels. I like a solid stainless steel indent plate because it doesn’t get corroded over time or get stuck. Nothing is tougher than trying to turn the indent plate and having to force it—it always ends up sliding past the degree mark you’re aiming for—making it nearly impossible to get consistent accuracy when doing multiple cuts. And what I like about this miter saw is that its stainless steel indent plate moves easily back and forth, has 11 positive stops on common cuts, and turns 50 degrees when you turn it to the right for both steeper angles and easier storage. It also bevels up to 48 degrees for deep compound cuts so you’ll be able to cut just about any angle without difficulty.

DW713 In ActionSafety Without Constraint

I like safety equipment—and my fingers thank them for being there—however it’s tough to make accurate cuts when the fence guard keeps flying down over the work so you can’t see where you’re cutting. I like the DeWalt DW713 because it has a sliding safety fence that rises up just at the last second, allowing you to glimpse the blade plunging into the wood, so you can rest assured in knowing your cutting against the line and not the wrong side of it—and without losing any digits in the process.

Low Weight Means No-Backache

It is one of the lighter miter saws on the market. Since it weighs in at just 35 pounds, you can easily carry it from your vehicle to where you need it most. It’s also got a nifty built-in carrying handle so you can lug it with one arm, and carry your DeWalt miter saw stand with the other.

DW713Features Add Value

Everybody likes getting more than what they pay for. And with this compound miter saw, you get plenty of features and extras. An adjustable fence, included carbide blade, blade wrench, dust bag and cam lock miter handle make this a good package for weekend woodworkers and professional contractors alike. It’s even compatible with the separately sold DW7187 adjustable laser for precision cutting at its best.

DW713 vs. DW715

Obviously, if you want to cut tall materials all of the time, you’d be better off buying the DeWalt DW715 vs. the DW713. The only real difference between the two saws is that the DW715 has a taller fence and therefore it weighs more—its 48 pounds. If you don’t need a lot of thick stock cut, then the DW713 makes the most sense because it’s much lighter and easier to carry around—otherwise get a DW715 or DW716.

See how the it compares with other highly rated DeWalt miter saws.

Price Range $550 $370 $225 $210
Blade Size 12″ 12″ 12″ 10″
Double Bevel Yes Yes No No
LED Light Yes No No No
Amps 15amp 15amp 15amp 15amp
No Load Speed 3,800rpm 3,800rpm 4,000rpm 5,000rpm
Arbor Size 5/8″ or 1″ 5/8″ or 1″ 5/8″ or 1″ 5/8″
Vertical Capacity: Baseboard Against Fence 6 3/4″ 6 1/2″ 6-1/2″ 3-1/2″
Vertical Capacity: Crown Molding Vertically Nested 7-1/2″ 6-5/8″ 5-1/4″ 4-1/2″
Horizontal Capacity: Baseboard Lying Flat 16″ 10″ 8″ 6″
Horizontal Capacity: Crown Molding Lying Flat 13-3/4″ 6-1/2″ 6-1/2″ 5-1/4″
45° Bevel Cut Capacity (dimensional lumber) 2×14 (2×16 with back fence) 2×8 (2×10 with back fence) left and right 2×8 2×6
90° Cross-Cut Capacity (dimensional lumber) 2×14 (2×16 with back fence) 2×8 (2×10 with back fence) 4×6″ 4×4″
90° Cross-Cut Capacity (Max Width) 16″ 2×8 (2×10 with back fence) 2×8 2×6
45° Miter Cut Capacity (Max Height) 2×12 4×6 dimensional lumber 4×4 dimensional lumber 2×4
45° Miter Cut Capacity (Max Width) 2×12 2×6 (2×8 with back fence) dimensional lumber 2×6 dimensional lumber 2×4
Weight 56lbs 44lbs 42lbs 35lbs Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

DW713With A Good Warranty, You Know You’ve Got A Good Product

With a three year limited warranty, a totally free one year service contract that covers basic maintenance and repairs, you can be sure that if anything does happen to your saw, you’ll have no trouble getting it repaired. And with a 90 day money back guarantee, if you don’t like it after three months, you won’t be out of your hard earned cash.

What’s It Going To Cost?

Amazon offers the DW713 in the $210 range, a price that is very hard to beat. I buy all my tools through Amazon because I know I will not only get a great deal, but also free shipping, excellent customer service, and they have an excellent return policy. If you are in the market for a compound miter saw, I suggest you buy the DW713 from Amazon.

What Are The Complaints?

The main complaint about this product is that the fence is too small. The actual cutting height of this saw is only six inches. But if you’re not cutting tall baseboard, it works great for cutting just about anything else. Because it’s smaller in size, you get a lighter saw; however, you sacrifice your ability to cut tall stock.

What Do Owners Think About The DeWalt DW713?

One of the main reasons people like to buy on Amazon is that they have honest reviews from actual owners. Take a look at what some owners think of their DW713 compound miter saw:

  • “The saw I used in the past would collect sawdust between the swiveling miter table and the miter gauge, eventually making it difficult to adjust your angle, eventually forcing you to take the table apart for cleaning. I’m very impressed by how smoothly this table adjusts from side to side.”
  • “I use this on the job a lot as a pro trim carpenter. I work for myself so I have to buy tools that will last and pay for themselves many times over before having to be replaced. This one is no exception and I am very pleased with it.”
  • “I narrowed my search to this saw and the Ryobi. The DeWalt just seems better built. The cuts are square and clean. The included blade is fine for most work.”
    -David Freeman
  • “My husband was so pleased with this new miter saw, and I love the new crown molding in my home and how well the cuts turn out. I replaced a 20 year old saw for him and the safety features far exceed his old saw.”
    -Sandi Dingler
  • “Just the right machine for the do-it-yourselfer. Priced right. Needed features are there.
Been using it for 2 years and it has not disappointed me.”

DW713Where Can You Buy The DeWalt DW713?

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this compound miter saw.

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

It has been rated 4.7/5 on Amazon, with over 60 owners giving it a 5 star rating. Click here to learn more about the DeWalt DW713 compound miter saw

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