Detailed Review Of The DeWalt DW734 Benchtop Planer

DW734The DW734 benchtop planer is a great tool for smoothing out rough wood, or for when you need to use wood that’s thicker than required for a project. It’s also really handy for straightening out twisted lumber and bad factory cuts. This planer can also help to save money when woodworking. By purchasing cheaper rough lumber, you can use the DW734 to smooth the rough surface down to a nicer finished product versus buying more costly factory finished products. Whether you own a cabinet shop or you’re a weekend woodworker, this DeWalt benchtop planer can be one of the most helpful tools in the shop.

However, a planer can be a costly addition that many people are hesitant to buy right off the shelf. That’s why it makes sense to do a little research first so you can be sure you get the best planer available for the lowest price possible. In my opinion, the DeWalt DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer is one of the best on the market. It’s modestly priced, comes with one of the best warranties available and works like a charm. Let’s take a look at this DeWalt planer and see what makes it such a great tool to have.

What Makes A Planer Great?

A planer works when wood materials of varying thickness are feed into the front of the machine. A duel or triple knifed cutterhead spins quickly and shaves a small section off of the top of material. By adjusting the depth of the cutterhead, you can shave off more or less of the material. In addition, a great planer must have the following features. Lets see how the DeWalt DW734 stacks up:

  • Powerful Motor
  • Reversible Cutterhead Blades
  • Dust Management System
  • Big Capacity Feed
  • Accurate Depth Gauge
  • Lots of Cuts per Inch
  • Good Warranty

DW734 Features At A Glance

  DW734 Benchtop Planer
Amps 15
No Load Speed 10,000rpm
Max Depth of Cut 1/8″
Depth Capacity 6″
Width Capacity 12-1/2″
Tool Weight 80lbs Buy Now

DW734 in action 1High Amp Motor Means More Rotations Per Minute

The DeWalt DW734 benchtop planer features a powerful 15 amp motor. That translates into a high speed rotation for the cutterhead, ensuring you get a smoother and more accurate cut. A powerful motor also helps to increase the amount of wood you can plane off of the material during each pass, making your project go smoother and faster. Operating at 10,000 rpm’s, this DeWalt planer makes quick work of even the hardest woods.

Reversible Blades Save Money

The cutterhead of any planer uses a series of sharp blades that sort of resemble long razor blades. And if you’ve ever used a razor blade, you know that after enough use, the blades get dull and need to be replaced. The same holds true for planer blades. After a while, they’ll need to be replaced. The DeWalt DW734 15 amp 12-1/2-inch benchtop planer uses a double sided blade so that after you’ve worn out one side, you simply remove it from the cutterhead and turn it over to the sharp side. By adding the extra side, you won’t have to buy replacement blades all of the time or sharpen old ones.

Dust And Debris Are Dangerous

A wood planer does two things: it planes wood to the desired thickness and it makes an awfully dusty mess. And all of the debris in the air and on your workbench isn’t healthy to breath and it poses a fire hazard. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a planer that features a dust and debris control system. This DeWalt planer is designed with a dust hood that attaches to either a shop vacuum or standing dust collector so you don’t have to breathe in dangerous dust or accumulate flammable debris.

Big Feed Capacity Translates To Bigger Materials

The extra-long infeed on the DeWalt DW734 15 amp 12-1/2″ benchtop planer provides the user with 33 – 1/2 in. of support so larger stock has no problem getting in to the machine. With an extra wide 12-1/2 in. capability, the DW734 will cut stock materials to a depth of 1/8 in. on material up to 6 in. thick.

DW734 side viewAccurate Depth Gauge For Precise Cuts

Precision is the key when it comes to a good wood planer. If the material is planed too much, it’s not going to do the trick and you’ll have to start all over again from scratch. After all, you can’t add thickness back to wood that’s already been planed down. This is one feature that’s very important and DeWalt took it to heart when they designed the DW734. A turret depth stop saves you time when having to switch back and forth between depths. It also has another great depth control feature—a material removal gauge that lets you know just how much material you’re removing from the stock. Throw in a four-column carriage lock to prevent snipes and other wood damages from the cutterhead and you can see why this tool is one of the best planers on the market.

Stop Wood Damage With Plenty Of Cuts Per Inch

When the cutterhead bogs down from cutting heavy stock deeply, it often leaves small swirling ridges that either have to be sanded out, or the material has to be completely replaned again. This is easily eliminated by taking small sections off of the material in multiple passes. But who has time for that? One pass perfection can be achieved when the cutterhead spins fast enough to provide lots of cuts per inch. The DW734 benchtop planer is designed to provide 96 cuts per inch so wood comes out of the planer as smooth as glass.

Why The DeWalt Warranty Is The Best In The Business

For me, if the tool has a good warranty, then it probably is going to last a long time. The DW734 is no exception to the rule. With a three year limited warranty, one year of free service and a 90 day money back guarantee, you can be sure that this tool is going to last for years and years to come.

DW734How Much Does It Cost And Where Can I Get One?

If you’re looking to buy this great planer from a retail store setting, expect to pay well over $500. That’s why I prefer to buy from Amazon. Here you can find the DeWalt DW734 15 amp 12-1/2-inch benchtop planer for just $450. Not only does Amazon offer a great price on power tools, they also have a great return policy and customer service so that if something goes wrong with the tool after it arrives, you’ll be able to return it for a refund or new product without hassle.

What’s In The Box?

The DeWalt DW734 benchtop planer comes complete with a three-knife cutterhead and dust hood. Just get it out of the box, assemble the cutterhead, read the instructions, and you’re good to go.

Any Complaints With The DW734?

While this is a phenomenal tool, there is one area where it needs some attention. Because the bearings in the cutterhead are sealed and have no way to be lubricated, it’s a good idea to clean the planer thoroughly after each use to prevent clogs due to wood resins and debris.

What’s Everyone Saying about the DW734?

One of the main reasons why I buy all of my tools from Amazon is that they have honest reviews posted by owners. Take a look at what some DW734 owners had to say about this cool tool:

  • “UPDATE – 2 Years Later–I’m still very pleased. I’ve put in excess of 1000 bf through the planer now. It hasn’t missed a beat. Unbelievably, I’m still on my first set of knives. They are a little nicked now due to some hard maple I put through it a few weeks ago, but I’m not yet sufficiently motivated to change them. This machine has served me well, and shows no signs of slowing down. It still ranks 5 stars.”
  • “Zebrawood is a notoriously difficult wood to plane, but this machine did a superb job. No snipe or problems in 11 BF of lumber. I’ve planed 2 BF of Purple Heart, 17 BF of Black Walnut, 7 BF of White Oak, and some small amounts of other hard and soft woods. The knives are still sharp and doing a fine job.”
    -A. Customer
  • “I spent a long time comparing this planer to the Delta two-speed planer… I decided that the DeWalt had a better fit and finish, and the ergonomics were much better. The four column lock right over the motor is great for quick releases and lock downs. Overall, a great machine.”
    -J Williams
  • “I can’t believe the great job this does. I get hardwood scraps from cabinet shops to make panels for my scroll saw art (also a DeWalt) and this machine goes through the cherry wood like a hot knife though snow. I haven’t had to put a sander on anything that has gone through this planer yet and I give it a good workout. Way to go DeWalt. I have tried other brands but nothing has come close to this machine, so save your money and buy this one first.”
    -Cutup “nick”

DW734 in action 3Where Can You Buy The DeWalt DW734?

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this exceptional benchtop planer.

Where Can You Read More Reviews On The DeWalt DW734 Benchtop Planer?

The DeWalt DW734 15 amp 12-1/2 in. benchtop planer has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Over 76 people have given this tool a five star rating in the reviews. Click here to learn more about the DW734 benchtop planer

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