Detailed Review Of The DeWalt DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand

DW7440RSRipping large sheets of plywood with a circular saw can prove to be very difficult. That’s because more often than not, the cut isn’t as straight and accurate as it could have been—and that’s where a good table saw comes in handy. But unless you’ve got a really heavy table saw stand or you’ve set your table saw on the ground, large sheets of plywood tend to push too hard on the saw, causing it to tip or move precariously during the cut. You can kiss those troubles goodbye when you use the DeWalt DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand. It not only prevents the table saw from tipping over when it’s pushed hard by heavy materials, it also helps to make transporting your table saw, such as the DW745, to and from the job simple and easy. And even if you own a table saw that’s not a DeWalt, it still works just as well. Let’s take a detailed look at what makes this rolling saw stand—stand out from the crowd.

What Makes A Good Saw Stand?

There are many features that a good saw stand must have, but if I had to choose one particular feature that would make me want to buy it, I would have to say stability. Nothing is worse than trying to hold the table saw steady with your foot while trying to rip a large piece of material. It’s not only uncomfortable; but it’s also dangerous. And when you’re planning on using the table saw stand on the jobsite day in and day out, you can bet that if your saw stand isn’t going to remain stable, you might as well not have brought it out in the first place. Let’s review how stable the DeWalt DW7440RS is, as well as how it performs in the following areas:

  • Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Universal Mounting Brackets
  • Ergonomic Design Features
  • Heavy-Duty Load Capability
  • Good Work Surface Height
  • Solid Warranty

DW7440RS folding legsWide Base = Stable Cutting Table

One of the best things about this rolling saw stand is that it’s stable—even when you’re really pushing hard against the saw. That’s because the back legs are offset at a steeper angle than the two front legs. This increases its stability better than any other table saw stand on the market. Its sturdy aluminum legs and rubber feet make sure that even on the slipperiest of surfaces, the saw wont slide around and damage the flooring underneath.

Lightweight Design Makes It Easy To Use And Store

Heavier table saw stands tend to help with stability issues, but when it’s time to pack up and move on to the next project, the heavier table saws will always be a pain to move from jobsite to vehicle to storage. At just 33 pounds, it is light enough for easy handling thanks to its well-crafted aluminum construction. Its lightweight design also means that there is no need to remove the table saw from the stand. Just fold up the legs and wheel it to the desired location without straining muscles and joints.

DW7440RS frontBuilt-In Wheels, Kickstand And Handle Make It Ultra-Portable

Carrying bulky table saws and all of the accessories that come with it can be back breaking and time consuming work. With the DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand, there is no need to make multiple trips to and from the work area. Simply fold up the legs, pull out the handle and roll the saw to wherever it’s needed without trouble. Since most of the weight of the tool is centered near the base, it makes moving your table saw a breeze. Large wheels ensure that steps, bumps and jobsite debris don’t affect transportation. And when it’s time to stop or store the DW7440RS, a built-in kickstand allows the saw and stand to sit upright with the saw still attached.

Universal Mounting Fits Most Table Saws Easily

Another feature I particularly like is that the two mounting brackets are fully adjustable to allow a wide variety of table saws (and other tools) to work with the stand. And like other DeWalt saw stands, the brackets have a quick-connect lever that allows you to quickly and easily connect or release the table saw from the stand for storage. I’ve also seen people use the stand for transporting other heavy tools like an air compressor using the quick-connect brackets.

Ergonomic Design Reduces Strain And Fatigue

Unlike other table saw stands, the DeWalt DW7440RS is designed to reduce strain and fatigue on the user. Features like a soft molded handle, centered weight distribution and spring-loaded ball and socket connections make transporting, using and storing this rolling saw stand easy as pie.

DW7440RS retractable soft grip handleHeavy Duty Construction Allows You To Cut Heavy Duty Materials

Nothing is worse than when you’re in the middle of a project and you find that the tools you have just aren’t strong enough to get the job done. A weak table saw stand isn’t going to cut 3/4-in. plywood without falling apart or breaking. Even though the DeWalt DW7440RS is lightweight, its sturdy aluminum construction is designed for heavy duty table saws and the materials they cut—it’s rated to take weights up to 300 pounds.

An Ideal Work Height

Cutting and ripping materials on a table saw is hard enough on your back, so you don’t need a table saw stand that’s too low or too high off the ground. It has been designed so that optimal table saw height is achieved no matter what brand of table saw you’re using with the stand.

A Great Warranty Makes For A Great Product

Like all of DeWalt’s fine tools, it’s backed by a great warranty. A 30-day, no risk satisfaction guarantee, a one year free service contract and a limited one year warranty ensures that no matter how hard you work this table saw stand, it’s going to last for years to come.

How Much Does It Cost?

The DeWalt DW7440RS is in the $150 range when purchased on Amazon. Throw in the fact that you get free shipping and you’ll easily see that Amazon’s price is better than you can get in most retail stores.

What Are The Complaints?

Because the legs of the stand aren’t adjustable for height, very tall people using this tool with a short-based table saw may find they have to bend over a bit to use it. It’s suggested that you raise the height of the saw by using a larger table saw.

What Are Owners Saying About The DW7440RS?

Amazon is a great place for buying tools; but it’s also a great place to get honest reviews of the products you’re looking to buy. Here’s what some DeWalt DW7440RS rolling saw stand owners had to say about this versatile table saw stand:

  • “It works wonderfully… easy on the back, snap to move from truck to work
    site, easy to unhook table with saw… good investment if you use a table
    saw often.”
    -Jeff Linehan
  • “Quality all the way…a little heavy, but very, very helpful for us older folks.
    I use it every day and smile while I wheel my DW744 saw onto the new construction jobsites to install cabinets…thank you DeWalt!”
    -Robert C. Yankee
  • “Easy to set up and very comfortable to work with. Good quality of material and all parts seem solid. Would recommend this”
  • “The new DeWalt DW7440RS is above all expectations…DeWalt has really put some thought into the stand and also thought of home craftsmen and the serious professional as well…”
    -George J. Sugar
  • “It is perfect for my miter saw and will work well with any table saw. Easy to assemble and use, makes moving the saw easy and the work height is just right.”
    -George Ayers

DW7440RS (2)Where Can You Buy The DeWalt DW7440RS?

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this exceptional rolling saw stand.

Where Can You Read More Reviews On The DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand?

The DeWalt DW7440RS rolling saw stand rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Out of 121 reviews, 102 of them rated this product with five stars! Click here to learn more about the DeWalt DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand

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