Detailed Review Of The DeWalt DW788 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll SawA scroll saw is a crucial power tool that should be in every professional or home woodshop. The DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw allows the user to make extremely accurate freehand inside and outside cuts in a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal and plastic. It is capable of cutting thick materials as well. While primarily a shop tool, it is light enough to be transported to jobsites. The bench-mounted scroll saw is an excellent alternative to the portable saber saw, which lacks the stability and accuracy found in larger and more capable scroll saws.

There are many features that are important to look for in a scroll saw, including the motor, available speeds, and the size of the table where the cut material is placed. A strong motor, especially one that is not drawing too many amps, is important for the longevity of the tool. As a scroll saw is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, the ability to select the optimal blade speed is critical. The size of the table is equally important as it provides a solid surface to support the material while cutting. This reduces vibration and allows precise cuts to be made safely and accurately. Let’s see how the DW788 does in the following areas:

  • Unique features
  • Low weight
  • Adequate power?
  • Reliability
  • Not All Scroll Saws Are Created Equal

    DeWalt DW788 scroll sawThere are a number of excellent features that separate the DeWalt DW788 Variable speed Scroll Saw from other scroll saws available. These include a double parallel-link arm design, which dramatically reduces vibration. It also allows for extremely accurate cuts and produces less noise. All controls, including the on-off switch, electronic variable speed, flexible dust blower, and blade-tensioning lever are easily accesible. The design of the saw allows the arm to pivot from the back to the front. This results in a shorter arm movement, and allows for a noticeably smoother and quieter operation. Because the arm lifts, the blade can be easily threaded through the material for inside cuts.

    How Much Does It Weigh? What are the dimensions?

    This scroll saw weighs 65.6 pounds with dimensions of 29.5 inches x 19.5 inches x 12.1 inches. The weight and size of the tool, which is designed for use on a bench, provides a stable platform to make cuts with minimal vibration.

    Scrolling Made Easy

    Once familiar with the DeWalt DW788 scroll saw, you will see highly accurate cuts on a wide variety of materials. Even the tightest of inside cuts are possible.

    Easy Blade Removal

    Blade changes can be made in seconds, as a result of exclusive tool-free blade clamps that hold the blade in place. This significantly speeds up the process of changing blades, and prevents misplacement of small blade changing tools.

    Plenty of power?

    The DeWalt DW788 has a variable speed motor that draws 1.3 amps. This is more than enough to provide years of service to professionals and DIY amateurs alike.

    No Worries About Repairs

    As with all DeWalt tools, this variable speed scroll saw has a three-year limited warranty, with a 1-year free service contract.

    What’s It Going to Set You Back?

    The list price for the DW788 is around $990, although Amazon regularly offers it for less than $500.

    DeWalt DW788My Take On The DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw

    I enjoy using this saw in my shop. One of the best features is the small amount of amps that the saw draws. The size of the table is great as it allows for a stable work surface with less vibration and chatter.

    Any Complaints?

    Some users would like to be able to easily attach their shop vacuums and other dust collection systems to the saw. Personally, I find the dust and chips created by the DeWalt DW788 to be manageable.

    What Others Are Saying

    “If you go to a wood show or fair and see the Hegner or RBI saws demonstrated, consider the price before you buy. I can tell you from experience that the DeWalt is superior to either of these and it costs 1/3 as much! I like the DeWalt saw so much I just ordered a second one because I cannot afford to have my saw down even for a week.”
    -Byrard Miller

    “The DeWalt saw has very low vibration and having a very smooth operation.”

    DeWalt DW788 scroll sawWhere Can You Buy The DeWalt DW788?

    Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this great scroll saw.

    Where Can You Read More Reviews?

    It has been rated 4.3/5 on Amazon, with over 200 owners giving it a 5 star rating. Click here to learn more about the DeWalt DW788 compound miter saw.

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