Detailed Review Of The DeWalt DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher

DeWalt DWP849X v.1The DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start features a soft start, variable speeds, and plenty of power from its 12-amp motor. It is perfect for finishing paint on boats, cars, motorcycles and even helmets. The polisher also works great on concrete, metal and natural stone surfaces. Paint specialists, fabricators, professional detail companies and even DIY enthusiasts use this polisher day in, day out.

What Makes A Polisher Good?

Higher end polishers like the DWP849X are powerful enough to buff out scratches and marks on paint and other surfaces. They are also able to smooth out rough surfaces. Since not all polishing jobs require the same amount of power and speed, the best polishers are equipped with variable speed ranges. Having a polisher with only one or two speeds and a high amount of power often yields a circular pattern on a surface.

Equally as important as power is the tool’s construction. Durable polishers are built with a ball-bearing construction for longer life and endurance. Good polishers also have rubber noses or gear casings. During the paint buffing process, it is easy to damage the paint if the polisher does not have a rubber nose.

Although it is not as big of an issue as construction and performance, cord length is often an issue for some users. If this is the case, you should choose one with a long and thick cord. The DeWalt DWP849X meets all of these criteria.

DeWalt DWP849XSafety Features

This DeWalt Polisher comes with several subtle safety features. Its rubber gear casing helps reduce the likelihood of damage or injury when it accidentally comes into contact with other surfaces.

The tool also comes with two removable top handles to maintain a comfortable and stable grip during different projects. Both removable handles are designed to make them easier to grip. One is a straight bar handle for a side hold, and the bale handle allows you to control the tool by gripping above the nose. The tool’s bottom handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and optimal bottom control grip.

With its wide range of speeds, the tool is easy to use for both seasoned professionals and novices alike. Variable speed ranges help you prevent loss of control while the tool is in use. Its solid thick plastic body also adds to the durability and prevents a loose or rattling feeling while the tool is in use.

Variable Speed Control

With its powerful 12-amp motor, the DWP849X starts at 600 RPMs and can reach speeds of 3,500 RPMs. The speed is controllable with both a knob and a trigger on the tool. Use the knob to set it to a precise speed or the two-finger trigger to adjust the tool’s speed. The additional trigger makes it easy to adjust the speed and still maintain control without having to stop the polishing process.

DeWalt DWP849XHook-And-Loop Backing Pad

The hook-and-loop backing system makes it quick and easy to change accessories on the DWP849X. This is a beneficial feature in comparison with other tools that require more work or additional tools to change accessories. Its system is also compatible with several different accessories from other manufacturers.

Electronic Module

Electronic modules are essential for controlling power and speed. This product’s electronic module is designed to maintain any speed on its range consistently. By maintaining a consistent speed the electronic module helps achieve a smoother look and finish.

Wool Ingestion Shield

In addition to its sturdy ball-bearing body construction, one of the most life-preserving features on the DWP849X is the wool ingestion shield. When the polishing tool is in use, residue from the polishing pads comes loose. The shield keeps the residue out of the tool’s internal moving parts and promotes a longer lifespan. This also reduces service intervals.

DeWalt DWP849XLight Weight

The DWP849X weighs 6.7 pounds, which makes it lighter than much of the competition, as well as older polishers. Its light weight makes the polisher easy to transport and helps to avoid fatigue when using it for longer periods of time.


DeWalt offers a 3.5-year warranty along with free servicing for the first year. There is also a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days after purchase. Many competitors do not offer such generous warranties.

What’s In The Box?

In addition to the polisher there is a straight side handle, one bale handle, and one hook-and-loop backing pad in the box.


The price of the DeWalt DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher is in the $200 range. It averages nearly the same as most tools with comparable features. However, it is more expensive than tools with less features and shorter warranties.

Any Complaints?

While most owners rate this tool as a solid purchase that meets expectations and performs well, some complain about the soft start feature. If you are not used to using a polisher you may find the startup a little jerky. For most people it just takes a little time to get used to that feature. Another complaint was that the trigger speed adjuster built up speed too fast if it was pushed rapidly. The remedy is to pull it slowly and give the tool time to adjust and maintain the increased speed.

DeWalt DWP849XMy Take On The DeWalt DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher

This tool provides great value considering its capabilities, features, durability, and warranty. The speed control makes it versatile enough to buff out scratches on fine paint or buff out the rough texture of concrete. It is light, easy to use and easy to control. While there are plenty of features, there are not so many that it makes the tool overwhelming to use. DeWalt hit the nail on the head with the DWP849X polisher.

Where Can You Buy The DeWalt DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher

Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this exceptional variable speed polisher.

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

If you want to read more about what owners think of this polisher, I suggest you visit Amazon. Learn more about the DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher.

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